The first reviev of the Dachorn Kron speakers released on the Mono and Stereo web site.


The Dachorn Kron speakers system is an exemplary 21st-century product that embraces and blends numerous contemporary technologies and approaches. All the know-how and R and D results in the standout, out of the box loudspeaker design that steps up from the usual norms. 

The complex enclosure, DSP and dedicated amplifiers provides seamless integration of different technological approaches and the sound that is subordinate to the music.
If I’d have to sum up the review with only one sentence, it would be: “Music first!”. Dachorn Kron speaker system is the culmination of Goran Dašek’s life long affection for music and a quest for creating rather a music box instead of a technical instrument.

Dachorn speakers are a product created by the music lover for the music lovers. Goran Dašek follows the path of purity. Similar to architecture, where one of the purest languages is the removal of everything unneeded while keeping the essence that utterly reflects the reality (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni), the Dachorn Kron speaker system was designed from the very begging to embrace the very essence of the music. And the result is an active speaker system that easily activates one’s hearth for no-brainer return listenings. 
Matej Isak, MonoandStereo